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Live the Life Your Soul Is Craving

Dannielle offers complimentary paths for healing through engaging, workshops, retreats, ceremonies or one on one client sessions

I am passionate about assisting people at all levels of their soul’s journey. Whether you are just beginning your self-discovery or you are looking for a deeper study and understanding.

Discover how to bring the spiritual and energetic realm into relatable tangible practices that are useful in everyday life through the transformational practices and principles of shamanism.

Full Medicine Wheel Program

The Mini Wheel - 4-Day Intensive

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Energy Clearing Session (April 1st – May 15th)

With all that is going on for all of us – I feel called to offer another service in addition to my regular Shamanic Energy Healing sessions. These sessions will clear that density and re-balance you on a physical, mental/emotional, spirit/soul, and energetic matrix level.  Working through the main energy centers of the body, the chakras, we will clear, shift, and transmute whatever you are carrying, restoring vitality, higher vibrational states, and an overall sense of clarity and harmony to your being.