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Dannielle offers complimentary paths for healing through engaging, workshops, retreats, ceremonies or one on one client sessions

I am passionate about assisting people at all levels of their soul’s journey. Whether you are just beginning your self-discovery or you are looking for a deeper study and understanding.

Discover how to bring the spiritual and energetic realm into relatable tangible practices that are useful in everyday life through the transformational practices and principles of shamanism.

Full Medicine Wheel Program

The Mini Wheel - 4-Day Intensive

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Full Medicine Wheel Program

A transformative journey around the Medicine Wheel

Are you Ready To….



to heal repeating patterns and stories that keep you feeling stuck


to experience a more expansive, fulfilled and happier life


to address trauma and painful life transitions


to create deeper meaning in your life


to heal your physical body

Navigate your life brilliantly and live into your magnificence with this four course curriculum.

Steeped in the ancient traditions and practices of the Incan Medicine Wheel, we will map the four directions, South, West, North and East

Join me for a transformative journey around the Medicine Wheel

Liberate yourself and embark on the Journey of All Possibilities.

I was skeptical about whether Dannielle’s Medicine Wheel program would work for me because I’m not really a “woo woo, hocus pocus” kind of person. What I learned changed my life forever. Dannielle presented her information in such a way that she got past my skepticism, taught me lessons in energy and spirit, and gave me practical ways to use my new spiritual tools in everyday life.

Kirsten Henry Fox


Stand in your power with all your tools ready to engage the whole of your life

Over the course of this training, we will meet four times a year.

Each weekend will consist of hands on experience, ceremony, and the cultivation of skills and practices.

The South Direction - HONESTY - SHED THE PAST

  • Recognize your identification to the story that no longer serves you
  • Discover how your story has begun to live you
  • Tell that old wounded story for the last time
  • Shed the story that has become restrictive and limiting


  • Identify the illusions of safety and security you see as reality.
  • Release the belief systems you have bought into that aren’t even yours
  • Move beyond the fear that keeps you stuck in old patterns
  • Learn what unconscious aspects of yourself are actually making your decisions
  • Liberate yourself from the family story that is not in alignment with who you really are


  • Embark on the journey of all possibilities
  • Come back to the essence of who you are
  • Learn to trust in the unfolding of the Mystery
  • Step out of the cultural, societal, and family roles that say who you should be

The East Direction - State of Grace - TRANSCENDENCE

  • Transcend old patterns
  • Become the Co-Creator you are
  • Recognize that you are creating your life every minute of every day
  • Stand in your power with all your tools and maps ready to engage your life


  • how to build and use your healing mesa – your personal medicine bundle
  • the art of creating ceremony in everyday life
  • how to integrate the ancient practices of Shamanism into modern life
  • how to develop a deep trust in your own innate guidance and wisdom- intuition!
  • how to live your life with a shamanic twist

Want more information about Shamanism
and the Medicine Wheel?

Here are some links to podcasts I have done on this topic

Shamanism with Dannielle Bryan

The Medicine Wheel with Dannielle Bryan

2020 Dates

  • The South February 20-23
  • The West May 28-31
  • The North August 27-30
  • The East November 12-15

Location: Heber City, Utah

Full price $2750
Pay in full discount – $2500
other payment options available (contact Dannielle)

Ready to register – Follow link below, OR call or email Dannielle 
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The Mini Wheel – A Four Day Intensive

New skills that will become a resource for you throughout your life.

What I know to be true, over and over again, is that when we are willing to move beyond the mental/emotional into the realm of the energetics, we can shift and heal in one weekend what we have been chewing on for 20 years.

Using elements of the principles, practices and ceremonies from the Full Medicine Wheel – in this Mini Wheel you will learn new skills that will become a resource for you throughout your life.
Whether you are looking for healing around a specific event, old wounds and patterns, or you are wanting to cultivate and propel aspects of your life into fuller expression, you will transcend your limitations, creating greater harmony and fulfillment in your life.

During our work together we will be taking the issue or pattern at hand and moving it through a transformational process around the Medicine Wheel.

​What it means to move it through the Wheel:


Identify and shed the story


Move through the limiting beliefs that have been created


Release the roles you have become identified with


Transcend to a new place of visioning what is possible


  • TBD 

Location: Heber City, Utah

Full price $547
$497 when you register 30 days or more in advance
other payment options available (contact Dannielle)

Ready to register – Follow link below, OR call or email Dannielle 
Wondering if this is for you – call or text Dannielle to set up a free consultation 
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Shamanic Energy Medicine

Address the issue at its root, brining healing and transformation

We must be willing to look at ourselves and all the aspects. 

It is not enough to to “just shift our thinking” or “positive think” our way into new behaviors. If we really want to shift a pattern or bring healing to a situation we need to engage the energetics as well.

Working at the mental/emotional level only can be effective at first but it doesn’t change the program that is running underneath everything. You won’t be able to ‘positive think’ your way into feeling whole.

What is Shamanic Energy Medicine

​Shamanic Energy Medicine encompasses many intervention and healing modalities, such as:


soul retrieval


destiny retrieval


karmic cord cutting


extraction of intrusive energies or entities.

These modalities address patterns and wounds that have been etched into our energy field through trauma or the experience of a painful event.
​In a session, we address the issue at its root, brining healing and transformation to all four levels of your being; physical, mental/emotional, soul, and energetic.

Issues I commonly address:

  • old repeating patterns and stories that keep you feeling stuck in a loop
  • wounds or traumas that have become self-fulfilling prophecy
  • physical issues and health issues that are not getting better
  • going through a divorce or breakup
  • loss of your job/career, or out of alignment with what you are doing
  • anxiety and depression.
  • feeling trapped – like you have no choice.
  • feeling the pull toward something more but not sure how to access it
  • feelings of shame and guilt about your choices.
  • lost touch with your own inner guidance.
  • feeling disconnected to yourself
  • Your soul is asking for more and you are afraid of what that means

When you clear and harmonize your energy body you increase your overall vitality and sense of wellbeing, allowing you to:

  • heal your physical body more quickly and efficiently
  • move through life’s challenges with beauty, grace and strength.
  • know how to stand in your power and choice.
  • learn to use your inner guidance system to navigate life.

Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions – $150

Each session is 90 min long and can be done in person or over the phone or skype. Because we work at the level of the energetics, this work can be done remotely. This method is just as effective as we are addressing the subtle energy body that is accessible outside of time or space.

Ready to schedule a session? – Follow the link below OR call or email Dannielle 
Wondering if this is for you – call or text Dannielle to set up a free consultation 
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Want more information on our Energetic Bodies?

Here is a podcast I have done on the topic

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