The Mini Wheel – A Four Day Intensive

New skills that will become a resource for you throughout your life.

What I know to be true, over and over again, is that when we are willing to move beyond the mental/emotional into the realm of the energetics, we can shift and heal in one weekend what we have been chewing on for 20 years.

Using elements of the principles, practices and ceremonies from the Full Medicine Wheel – in this Mini Wheel you will learn new skills that will become a resource for you throughout your life.
Whether you are looking for healing around a specific event, old wounds and patterns, or you are wanting to cultivate and propel aspects of your life into fuller expression, you will transcend your limitations, creating greater harmony and fulfillment in your life.

During our work together we will be taking the issue or pattern at hand and moving it through a transformational process around the Medicine Wheel.

​What it means to move it through the Wheel:


Identify and shed the story


Move through the limiting beliefs that have been created


Release the roles you have become identified with


Transcend to a new place of visioning what is possible


  • TBD 

Location: Heber City, Utah

Full price: $547
When you register 30 days or more in advance: $497

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